Awave Iprovides total communications services from Web sites to Wireless phones.

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Linux Consulting, database and custom PHP coding and custom Intel-based server systems

Software Support

Likno Software
Modal Windows Builder
Web Tooltips Builder

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Support and tutorials for Likno/NetObjects users on

Information management is key
to the success of any business.

From web sites to computer systems,
Awave understands how to put technology to work for you and your business.

Contact Awave for custom MariaDB/MySQL database and PHP programming.
Complete projects and contract work for web designers.

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Services Integration

Postfix - Mail Transfer Agent
Dovecot - IMAP/POP3 server
SpamAssassin - AntiSpam

Support for NetObjects Fusion users on

Server and Web Support

Awave builds, owns and operates web servers built on Intel platforms. We have been an Intel Channel Partner since 1996. We provide in-house web and database hosting services and provide consulting to companies wishing to own their own servers.

While we are well versed in Microsoft operating systems, we use Fedora Linux for our own Internet servers.

Fedora Linux
Apache Web Server
Ubuntu Linux
CentOS Linux

Awave also deals in certain commodities.

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Domain Registrations and Transfers

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