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Direct Seller of Brazilian Cane Sugar Products

Offices on the Florida Treasure Coast in Stuart

Commodities Division

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Since 2008

Refined and Raw Sugar


Buying Sugar

Awave is the Authorized Seller for a Joint Venture shipping from Santos, Brazil.

Product direct from the mills. The JV owns mills and controls the co-op.

ICUMSA 45, 100, 100-250. 150, 800-1200

Contracts (up to 200k MT x 12 or more)
SPOTs (starting at 12.5k MT)

$5 buy side commission included in price

Simple procedures.

Fast loading with payment by TT/MT-103
(as soon as 7-10 days to start)

Price is CIF ASWP - a surcharge for insurance and remote ports may apply.

SBLC may be required on contracts over 50k MT/month as payment guarantee.

SBLC may subsidize the price on an annual contract.

Seller is a Florida Corporation

Seller banking: Top U.S. banks

No performance bonds - JV is titleholder.

Contact us with your current requirements


Phone: (407) 745-1165


The Process:

Download and submit the Request for Product form. (click on icon)  Product Request - Sugar (Buyer or their rep may prepare)
Price is then quoted based on RFP.
When Buyer agrees to price and the Contract Procedures, a ICPO template is issued to the Buyer.
Buyer submits ICPO (using the provided template) on letterhead to have SPA/Contract issued.

50kg bags

Annual Contract Procedures (TT/MT-103 for title):

1. Buyer submits ICPO to secure contract.
2. Awave issues draft sale and purchase agreement/contract to buyer
3. Buyer signs SPA and returns to Awave within 48 hours
4. Seller signs and Awave returns to buyer with:
      Pro forma commercial invoice from Awave to buyer
      Allocation of product notice from JV for the buyers contract
5. Buyer sends payment for one months shipments via Fedwire/MT-103 within one banking day.
6. Awave sends invoice marked PAID to buyer as title within 48 hours and orders warehouse receipt for buyer.
7. Awave begins shipping within 7-10 days (first month only - within 7 days after payment thereafter).
8. Awave sends B/L and final SGS to buyer upon loading of each ship.
9. Repeat 5-8 for through term of contract..

SPOT Contract Procedures (TT/MT-103 for title):

1. Buyer submits ICPO to secure SPOT.
2. Awave issues draft sale and purchase contract to buyer.
3. Buyer signs contract and returns within 24 hours
4. Awave signs and returns to buyer with:
      Pro forma commercial invoice from Awave to buyer
      Allocation of product notice from JV for the buyers contract
5. Buyer bank sends payment via Fedwire/TT/MT-103 no later than one (1)  international banking day
    after Buyer receives documents in 4. above.
6. Awave sends to Buyer with "paid" commercial invoice within 48 hours and orders bank stamped warehouse receipt .
7. Awave obtains charter party agreement for vessel and sends ship info to buyer.
8. Awave begins CIF shipping within 7-10 days after payment confirmed.
9. Awave sends copies of B/L and final SGS with charter party and all required export docs to buyer or
    buyer bank upon loading of vessel.

Specs for ICUMSA 45, 800-1200 (raw brown) available upon request.

Ask for our current price list

Awave, Inc. (and the company it was spun off from) has been involved in the arenas of commercial finance since 1997 and commodities since 2008.

The principal of Awave, Chuck Joslin, is a veteran of the corporate world with a large telecommunications firm for over 22 years and of the military as a member of the U.S. Army Special Forces (active and reserve) for nearly 20 years. Visit

We have a worldwide network of business associates, many of whom are sellers and buyers of various natural resources and raw food products.

In most cases we have a direct or close relationship with producers and sellers such as mine owners, direct distributors of oil and refined oil products, importers of precious metals and gemstones and raw commodities such as sugar, rice, soy beans, wheat and other food products available in bulk.

High dollar finished products such as corporate and commercial aircraft are also available through our network.

We work with honest and dedicated people all over the world on every civilized continent.

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